Welcome to the I Shower After Work Podcast.

Jason and John are happy you decided to join them for this wild ride! They have a deep respect for all the trades and for all of the men and women that are in this with them. The ISAW Podcast dives into every trade in the construction area.

This isn’t for the office workers but for everyone in the field busting their asses, backs, and brains on the job.

So come and have a laugh along the way.

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Meet Your Hosts

Hello all, I’m Jason (AKA “Canada”).

I've been an electrician since 2009 and have been working in the field and in service ever since. I have been lucky enough to have seen the full scope from residential to commercial to industrial during my career with Local 292 in Minnesota and around the midwest. This has given me a broad insight of what can be seen and expected in the trades day to day.

I was transferred around as an apprentice getting experience with a number of different shops and have been with my current employer since I became a Journeyman. This is a second career for me coming from the financial industry in my home country of Canada, hence the nickname, and couldn't be happier with the opportunities the trade has provided me. Not to mention the opportunities I have had since immigrating to the United States in 2006.

John and I hope to bring you some insight and experience from all our years in the field and mostly a few laughs, but hope to be able to share your stories and experience as well. Tune in, shout out and let's talk about this wild career choice we all second guess on a weekly basis.

Hey everyone, I’m John.

I have been an Electrician for the majority of my adult life. 2023 has given me 20 years of experience in the trades. I’ve worked in a lot of the industries involved in the electrical sector. As an apprentice I spent my time doing service, light commercial, and residential wiring in the non-union area of South Dakota. As a Journeyman, I was fortunate to spend a very short time in the oil field area of North Dakota. I then spent several years as a Service Tech in South Dakota.

The experience gained from being a Service tech has been unmatched by anything else I’ve done. I moved from South Dakota to Minnesota in 2013 and joined the IBEW 292 union. I have had the ability to see and do things that I would have never done in South Dakota just based on the scale of buildings.

Fast forward to now and Jason and I have decided to pool our 30+ of experience to bring you an honest view of the Trades that maybe you don’t know or just bring you a laugh on one of those garbage days you’re having.

Thanks again for joining us!! Slainte!!

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